The Dane’s Crypt (Level 1) Map Pack


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Today, my father, the King, wants to show me where he will eventually lay at rest – or so he hopes.  Curiously, I’ve been told very few stories about the great crypt beneath the castle where my ancestors lie and I’ve only ever ventured to the first chamber to say goodbye to an unlucky cousin, and that was years ago. It’s also full of secrets, like the whereabouts of my great-great-great grandfather’s tomb, and the mystery of the shifting sarcophagi lids.

The Dane’s Crypt (Level 1) Map Pack is a 34×34 dungeon-style battle map ready to use in your campaign:

  • 2 map variants – with and without lighting; including numbered map areas
  • 2 280ppi webp files
  • 2 140ppi webp files
  • 2 140ppi jpg files
  • VTT ready (FoundryVTT, Roll20, more)

FoundryVTT ready:

  • 1 FoundryVTT scene configuration JSON file ready for import (with instructions)
  • Scene has preconfigured walls, doors, and lights, including two secret rooms.

Note: the map contains an entry stairway, a pit and two stairways to lower levels (not included).

This pack is licensed for personal use.  Please read my Licence Agreement.

Acknowledgements: maps include assets created by DungeonQuill and White Fox Works.

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.

Sample Map showing the illuminated scene in FoundryVTT:

Dane Crypt Map FVTT Sample Image


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