Builder’s Bundle for Dungeondraft (v1.4)


Dungeons can be beautiful. Save on 3 packs!
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A good way to confound your players is to place the party into a dungeon with polished marble floors, Tiffany light fixtures and enough gold leaf to make Versailles look shabby.  Then you can introduce the resident vampire coven. 

The Builder’s Bundle for Dungeondraft includes over 500 unique map-making assets in a convenient bundle!

Assets from these packs are included in this bundle:

The bundled packs are licensed for personal use.  Separate commercial use licences are also available in my store (see pack #1, pack #2, pack #3).  You can purchase this bundle and then purchase the commercial licences later, if interested.

NOTE about avoiding duplicate purchases: the Builder’s Bundle includes the assets from Architect’s Packs 1-3 and is an independent product from those packs.  After purchasing the bundle, there is no need to purchase the separate packs, and you would download any future pack updates from your bundle purchase link and not from the separate packs. 

You may also be interested in Architect’s Pack 4 (Desert Empire), Architect’s Pack #5, and the Terrain Bundle for Dungeondraft.

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.


  • Download the zip files and keep your purchase email so you can check back for any future pack updates.
  • Unzip the files and copy the dungeondraft_pack files into your Dungeondraft custom assets folder (the assets file location configurable in Dungeondraft).
  • Ensure any older versions of these packs are removed from your custom assets folder (Dungeondraft does not prevent duplicate packs from loading and this can cause strange behaviour).
  • Select the packs you want to use in a new map.
  • Create an amazing map!


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V1.4 - updated to Architect's Packs 1 (v1.5), 2 (v1.3), 3 (v1.1) which replace licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.

V1.3 - updated Architect's Pack 2 to v1.2

V1.2 - updated Architect's Pack 1 to v1.4

V1.1 - updated Architect's Pack 1 to v1.3


How to Install

Extract zip files to a folder of your choice.

Move the dungeondraft_pack files into your Dungeondraft Custom Assets folder.  This is a folder you set in Dungeondraft.

To prevent later issues, be sure to remove older versions of the same pack files from that folder.

Be sure to keep a copy of the licence.txt file included in the zip files, for future reference.

Note: sometimes Dungeondraft trips and crashes when making thumbnails for a new pack.  Restarting Dungeondraft should work fine.


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