BluBerrey’s FlyingCity TilePack 1


This pack has been a blast to make, both the assets and now the tiles. It’s a very unique setting, being a flying city and all, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to use them with any background you wish.Because of this I’ve come up with these half transparent tiles that still work the same way as others but the outside areas are all empty. Because of this you can use any map/texture/other tiles, etc etc.My suggestion is to keep it empty as you export, and then create backgrounds that you can use to “fly” your city. Heck, make animated bacgrounds and a foreground with clouds and birds for that extra immersion!:))
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Use these tiles to make flying cities with transparent backgrounds. It’s best used with Pt2 of Flying City tiles and Flying assets Pt1 and Pt2.

The pack works best in Dungeondraft, but you can use it in any image editing software, as I provide PNG files as well!


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