TygerModernVehicles 1.0

Cars, trucks, vans, limos, police, ambulance, tow trucks, etc


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  • Yellow taxi
  • Colorable taxi
  • Ambulance
  • Generic American black and white police car
  • Generic American colorable and white police car
  • Generic American one color colorable police car
  • UK police car
  • French Police Nationale car
  • German Polizei car
  • Small and large flatbed truck
  • Small and large box truck
  • Tow truck
  • Garbage truck

  • Utilities/Service truck (colorable)
  • Pickup with ladders, rack, tool box, and storage boxes (colorable)
  • Van with ladders on roof rack (colorable)
  • 5 Pickups (colorable)
  • 3 Limousines (colorable)

  • Large SUV (colorable)
  • Small SUV (colorable)
  • Passenger van (colorable)
  • Panel van (colorable)
  • Passenger minivan (colorable)
  • Panel minivan (colorable)
  • 2 Wagons (colorable)

  • Coupe (colorable)
  • 2 Crossovers (colorable)
  • 3 Muscle cars (colorable)
  • 7 Sedans (colorable)
  • 2 Sportscars (colorable)

I have also thrown in some parts from the work trucks.

4 ladders and a storage bin.

To help with realism, I have also included a object of color you can sample from to make the vehicles in colors similar to those actually used by manufacturers.

Interesting note:

If you are trying to fill a parking lot ad make it look real, the most common color vehicles are:
(exact percentages and order varies from country to country and year to year but these numbers are quite common)

  • Black 20-25%
  • White 20-25%
  • Gray 15-20%
  • Silver 15-20%
  • Blue 7-10%
  • Red 7-10%
  • All other colors make up about 10%

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