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Building on Architect’s Pack #1 (pun intended), pack #2 provisions some important accessories, such as doors, pillars, windows and lamps, as well as lots of ornamental flair.

The Dungeondraft Architect’s Pack #2 includes 293 unique assets and a high-resolution encounter map.

  • 5 doors, with and without handles (because you might want to add handles from other creator packs).  Available as portals and objects.
  • 32 door frames – 8 versions, in light, dark and colorable variations.
  • 25 window variations, including leaded glass and different numbers of glass panes and sizes.  Available as portals and objects.
  • 84 pillars – 9 large and 12 small version, in light, dark and colorable variations.  These match many of the walls found in Architect’s Pack #1 (the holes in the middle are intentional – you can fill them in, or use them as a well, or a crypt entrance, or something else).
  • 15 gorgeous lamps (squares, circles and hexagons) as well as 4 size variations of a wall lamp post.
  • 13 variations of colored lighting effect objects, including full circle, half circle, quarter circle, and different colors (because fancy lamps cast fancy light).
  • 3 true lights that match the lighting effects.
  • 11 stunning decorative tile objects.
  • 31 beautiful platform objects.
  • 6 stair overlays.
  • 3 stair paths – 1 cell width, 3/4 cell width and 1/2 cell width (because narrower stairs can be interesting)
  • 30 untiled stone floor patterns, in black, rusty-brown and green variations (especially useful for stair underlays).  Also packaged as terrain.
  • 2 ink paths – the first is a softer version of the black ink path found in Architect’s Pack #1.  The second is a stair edge, that you can use to make your own stairs in unusual shapes, that match the stair overlays – a critical path! (Master Builder inside joke).
  • 22 ornamental paths that can be used as stairway railings or just for extra flair.  Two of the paths match the fancy pattern for wall #9 in Architect’s Pack #1 and enable you to have a double-sided wall with the same pattern. 
  • “Galen’s Library” map, 12×10, 256ppi (an expanded view of this pack’s promo pic at full resolution without title watermark).
  • “Oculus Tower” map placeable, 10×10, 256ppi.

This pack is licensed for personal use.  A commercial use licence is available in my store.

The Architect’s Pack series includes Architect’s Pack #1Architect’s Pack #2Architect’s Pack #3, Architect’s Pack #4, Architect’s Pack #5, Architect’s Pack #6, and Architect’s Festive Pack.  Packs 1-3 are available in a discounted Builder’s Bundle.

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.

Sample Map – “Galen’s Library“, showcasing assets from Architect’s Packs #1, #2, and #5, as well as my Rock Terrain Pack 1 and 2, Water on the Rocks Pack, and Horror Terrain Pack.  Also featuring many interesting assets by White Fox Works.

Architects Pack Promo Image 2

The Oculus Tower” map placeable, made with assets from this pack and Architect’s Pack #1.

Oculus Tower Map Placeable


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V1.3.1 - fixed some colorable pillars with incorrect filenames (minor breaking change for maps in progress); added 2 marble slab patterns/terrains

V1.3 - replaced licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.

V1.2 - added colorable pillars and door frames, and updated Galen's Library map to match Architect's Pack 5. 

V1.1 - added 3 stair paths, 24 untiled stone floor patterns (and terrain), and the "Oculus Tower" map placeable.


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