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Architect’s Pack 1 (v1.3)

Make your dungeon a Wonder of the World


AI artwork inspired this pack, plus I also really needed walls to complement my terrain collection.  The labor of a Master Builder has produced this pack of unique walls, floors and accessories.

The Dungeondraft Architect’s Pack #1 includes 120 assets and a high-resolution encounter map:

  • 40 walls total, based on 10 unique styles, dark and light options as well as subtle rust brown-colored options
  • All the walls are configured as paths (because wall paths are handy)
  • 32 floor patterns, based on 9 unique floor styles in gray, rust brown and green colors (Rock 19 in my Rock Terrain 1 pack was used to texture and colorize)
  • All floor patterns are also terrain (so you can blend them with other terrain)
  • 28 fancy tile patterns (these are designed to be used as decorations or to sparingly add interest to a larger floor – they could also be used as fancy pillars and other structures or objects) 
  • Black and white ink paths in 4 transparency levels (100, 75, 50, 25).  Useful for creating uneven dark and illuminated edges, fronting stairs, and adding details such as floor cracks)
  • 6 round pillars and 6 square pillars
  • “The Artifact Room” map, 10×10, 256ppi (this pack’s promo pic at full resolution without title watermark)

This pack is licensed for personal use.  A commercial use version is also available in my store.

Disclaimer: This pack contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning.  The resulting images were significantly post-processed to improve quality, style-matching and usability.

The Architect’s Pack series includes Architect’s Pack #1Architect’s Pack #2, and Architect’s Pack #3.  All three of these packs are available in a discounted Builder’s Bundle.

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.

Sample Map -“The Artifact Room“, showcasing walls, floors, and other accessories from the Architect’s Pack #1 and #2, as well as my Rock Terrain Pack 1 and 2, and Water on the Rocks Pack.

Architects Pack Sample Image 128ppi

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V1.3 - improved rust-brown walls and matching paths.  Added 4 rust-brown pillars (round and square).  Updated high-resolution map to match the scene updates in Architect Pack #3.

V1.2 - improved object tags.  Updated high-resolution map to match the scene updates in Architect Pack #2.

V1.1 - improved clarity of all the black and white ink paths.

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