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Note: the base personal use pack including assets, and a commercial licence add-on, are both available to add to your cart on this product’s page.  See “Choose a product type” to the right of the pack cover art.

A bit of a deviation from my typical art style, this pack was inspired by seeing a hand-drawn map and wondering if I could emulate it with some crafty use of Quadspinner’s Gaea and post-processing.

The Artsy Topo (topographic) Map Kit includes assets for Dungeondraft and Wonderdraft, and a high-resolution region map.

The Dungeondraft assets include:

  •  5 4K seamless terrain maps in 4 variants (desert, snow, night, hell) – 4K size means that the terrain covers 16 grid squares before repeating
  •  5 4K terrain shadow objects (standard hillshade, azimuth 315, angle 45)
  •  12 4K flat terrain in 4 variants, used to erase (flatten) areas of the map

The Dungeondraft terrain can be blended together (even blending with different variants or third party assets) to produce very unique terrain.  Smooth blending is recommended. Blends best with assets like the core Dungeondraft art style.

The Wonderdraft assets includes:

  •  5 2K seamless terrain maps in snow variants (these can be used as is or colored)
  •  5 2K terrain shadow images to use as overlays
  •  5 heightmaps matching the terrain

The Wonderdraft assets are designed to make maps 2048×2048 pixels dimension maps, however the terrain is seamless and larger maps are possible; the shadow overlays are not compatible with larger area maps.

The “Badlands Village” region map is also included in this pack, a high-resolution version of the cover art; 20×20, 256ppi, webp; featuring Artsy terrain as well as buildings and flora created by Dungeonquill

Note re. Shadows: the shadow assets are meant to be used in unedited terrain, or post-processing your map in a third-party image editor (e.g., Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, GIMP), where you can overlay and edit the shadows.

This pack is licensed for personal use, unless you have also purchased the commercial licence available on this product page.  Please read my Licence Agreement.

You may also be interested in the Topo Map Kit 1 for Wonderdraft, Terrain Bundle for Dungeondraft or my First Anniversary Bundle.

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.

Sample map – “Wilderness Camp“, 20×20, made in Dungeondraft, featuring blended Artsy terrain, as well assets created by Skront (e.g., trees, bushes, campfire):

Wilderness Campfire Sample Map

A simple map made in Wonderdraft:

Artsy Map Kit 1 Sample Map


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