[47×34] Adventurer’s Alley


In need of a battlemap full of shops for an adventuring party? Welcome to Adventurer’s Alley! This map contains several shops (listed below) for an adventuring group’s shopping needs. 😀
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 I like to call this map “Adventurer’s Alley”. It contains a wide assortment of shops and buildings, which I shall list below:

  • Alchemist’s Shop
  • Blacksmith
  • Bookstore
  • Church
  • General Adventuring Gear Shop
  • Mini Market
  • Magic Items (in a large wagon)
  • Small Stable
  • Tavern

All maps are 47×34 and have a resolution of 140ppi. All these files are in JPG format.


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These maps are for personal use only, and do not require attribution. If you wish to use these maps for commercial use, please contact me.

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Assets used in Map

-Birdie's Biomes
-Krager's Shadow Light Pack
-Skront's Alchemy
-Skront's Caves & Cliffs
-Skront's Creeps
-Skront's Farm & Field
-Skront's Greenery
-Skront's Rocks & Bricks
-Skront's Stone Stuff
-Skront's Trees
-Skront's Winter Stuff
-Skront's Wooden Stuff

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All maps are 47x34 with a resolution of 140ppi.

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