Architects Pack Series Collection Feb 2023

The Architect’s Pack Series

The Architect’s Pack Series was inspired by the masters who worked with marble and gold, and were passionate about fine ornamental details.  Seven packs currently make up the series and, for one exception, they have evolved from building out the rooms of a manor house occupied by an elf lord named Galen.  There are no grand plans or blueprint for this manor – rather, Pack 1 simply set up the scene with hints of corridors and stairways possibly to be revealed, and these places became muses for later packs.  Pack 4 “Desert Empire” is the exception as it covers a theme I have always been interested in and was a a fun side adventure to develop.  While the manor seems largely finished in a thematic sense (not a practical household by any means), there are still some mysterious stairways, corridors, doors and magic portal lands that remain unexplored.  

The series includes:

  1. The Builder’s Bundle for Dungeondraft deserves first mention as it includes packs 1 to 3 at a discount.  Pick up this pack instead of the three individuals, unless you are intending commercial use.
  2. Pack 1 introduces the imposing “Artifact Room” and kits you out with the basics – walls, floors, decorative tiles, and pillars.
  3. Pack 2 welcomes us into Galen’s Library and provisions doors and frames, windows, larger pillars, gorgeous lamps, many more tiles, lighting effects, and stair overlays.
  4. Pack 3 finishes the “Pool Room” and adds many unique water themed walls, paths, patterns, and ornaments.  This room has a real muse, for it is the resting place of Galen’s adored wife, Farryn, a Naiad.
  5. Pack 4 is the side adventure, inspired by the poem Ozymandias, that adds over 350 desert empire themed walls, patterns, paths and objects to the collection.
  6. Pack 5 finishes the mysterious “Green Room” that appeared in pack 2.  An elusive muse, this pack adds more assets into the mix – mostly green – walls, patterns, paths and fantastical landform objects that will keep your character’s hopping.  It also opens a door to a whole new world…
  7. And last but not least, the Festive Pack – released in December 2022.  A path with growth potential that offers assets for decorating special occasions.

Commercial Use: except for the Festive Pack, which is licensed for commercial use, the links above are to the Personal Use products.  Packs 1-5 have Commercial Use versions that can be found in my store.  The bundle is only offered for personal use.  Please be sure to keep your emailed proof of purchase for commercial use.

Continuous improvement: you may have noticed that some of my packs are versioned.  This is because I’ve made improvements to their content, which is explained in the change log on a pack’s product page.  Buyers can return to the Cartography Assets site and download updates.  Consider following me to receive news of updates, or check back occasionally to see if there is a new version.

Acknowledgement: most of the packs’ art feature furnishings and other assets created by White Fox Works.  All are available for free on their Patreon site.   

I hope you find this post interesting and helpful!  Thank you for supporting my art.

Happy mapping!


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