Creepmurkulous Tree Shadows


Shadows and silhouettes of real trees for use in Dungeondraft, VTTs or any image editor. These are intended to provide the depth & interest of low sun angle (morning, evening, winter). There are 9 coniferous trees, 10 deciduous trees and 5 dead trees. Assets have colorable & customizable versions.
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My good Damen and Herren, how are lurking Beastmen, mutants, bandits, and Greenskins supposed to ambush your unsuspecting adventurers without right and proper shadows? Well, today we present you with a solution; “Creepmurkulous Tree Shadows” provides the very cover they need to strike with ruthless precision!

This is your ticket to a chilling realm of darkness lurking within the heart of the Reikwald or any ominous forest of your choice. This haunting collection introduces meticulously crafted shadows for both the coniferous and deciduous trees that crowd these ominous woodlands. Every shadow, a sinister echo of nature’s twisted secrets, captures the crooked branches reaching out like skeletal claws, while some trees bear multiple trunks that writhe in an eerie dance beneath the feeble, moonlit glow. As you behold “Creepmurkulous Tree Shadows,” it’s as if you can almost hear the wind’s ghostly whispers, sinister and mournful, weaving through the leaves, adding an unsettling symphony to your tabletop adventures.

So, ensure your adventurers take a barbed arrow to the neck and the subsequent bleeding condition, or at least gain a corruption point as they navigate these ominous shadows. Will they emerge unscathed, or will they succumb to the sinister allure of the shadows? Let them meet their dooming and implement “Creepmurkulous Tree Shadows” today!

[This pack includes a Dungeondraft pack of tree shadow objects with set 50% opacity, as well as colorable versions for you to set your own opacity. If, like me, you prefer to create your shading post-Dungeondraft, I’ve included the same image files separately, as well as opaque versions (Silhouettes) to drop directly into your VTT or image editor and adjust the opacity to your preference. All shadows are adapted from photos I’ve taken of real trees.]


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"Tree shadows by Malefic Millwright"

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