Ti’s Revenge of the Roads: 88 Pathways, Rail...


88 More Paths Expansion for Wonderdraft and DungeonDraft, includes railroads and monorails, many of the paths in this set are sci-fi themed. Also works as OtherWorldMapper frames!
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Paths for DungeonDraft now Included

Updated November 23 2022: now has a .dungeondraft_pack!

Revenge of the Roads road path rail monorail railroad railway way lane tech sci-fi dot dashed wonderdraft pathways paths for DungeonDraft sci-fi themed
Revenge of the Roads for DungeonDraft

Pairs great with Sci-Fi Floors, Portals, Walls, Paths, Lights and Terrain for DungeonDraft and Sci-Fi Infrastructure, Rubble, Ruins and Robots for DungeonDraft, Wonderdraft and Other World Mapper!

Sci-Fi map making for Wonderdraft

Pair these sci-fi themed roads with some of my other Wonderdraft packs to make a sci-fi map in Wonderdraft.

Ti’s Geometric Frames for Wonderdraft

Solar System Maker for Wonderdraft

Battle Stations! Space Maps for Wonderdraft

Space Ships for Wonderdraft

88 new paths expansion for Wonderdraft!

All of the paths are shown with ‘white’ as their color in the preview, so you can see what you’ll get in the set. Almost all of them are unique, there are a couple of color variations / pathways with or without a border. This set is dominantly sci-fi / technology style roads. From monorails to steel balls to cogs and pipes, you’ll find all kinds of neat contemporary future style roadways.

All of the roads are universally compatible with any program because they are pngs. So you can use them in a virtual tabletop if you want. They’re all 1200×200 pngs and can be used up to battlemap scale. Most of them will seamlessly tile both in the horizontal road direction but also vertically, so you can put many of these roads right beside each other and have no seams. Obviously this doesn’t apply to the ones like the railways or with outlines, maybe about half of them should tile both directions.

The unzipped folder needs to be put in the ‘assets’ Wonderdraft folder.

Use as Frames in Other World Mapper

You can also use these as Other World Mapper frames. If you want to, then you’ll put the .pngs included in the Wonderdraft pack in the Other World Mapper / Borders / Frames folder.


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November 23 / 2022: Added a .dungeondraft_pack for use in DungeonDraft.


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