Ti’s Elemental Ring Portal for DungeonDraft


It’s an elemental tech ring or portal for DungeonDraft.
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Elemental Ring Portal for DungeonDraft

It’s an elemental ring at high resolution. They are 5000 pixels and 2048 pixels wide, respectively. It comes in a few fixed color variations of one, and a bunch of colorable variations in different configurations, as shown. Example image uses Colorful Space Lights for the firey glow space lights which I would highly recommend for this pack, and XL Planets to set the stage. Pretty small pack. Adds about 40 items to DungeonDraft under the tag Elemental Ring.

Only contains a .dungeondraft_pack.

Designed for space ships that are powered by an elemental ring of magitech.

Corridor by Epsilon7430.
A space station using the portal rings as doors, by Epsilon7430. Get Epsilon’s Sci-Fi Architecture pack here!


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