Traveller Assets


Traveller style assets for deckplans and other sci fi type maps


Traveller Deck Plan style assets. I am not the creator of this art. All credit goes to Robert Pearce at

I got the art from his starship geomorphs pdf. Still missing much from his icons and art. Can provide the art I used to make the asset pack on request as I don’t have much time to work on this unfortunately.


  1. DragonBard (verified owner)

    This makes making starship deckplans, especially Traveller, easy. It would be great if we could get more added to this, especially from Starship Geomorphs 2.0.

  2. sbnicholas

    How am I supposed to find these in Dungeondraft? I’d expect there to be a “Traveller” tag in the object tool.

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