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Control panels

Capitol weapons

Engine parts, hatches, engine nozzles, and premade engines

More engine part, wall panels, and wheels

Structural parts with columns, beams, walkways, and ladders

Example use of structural parts

Shuttle craft and fighter

Colorable shapes to fill in and build custom parts

Paths for wires and hoses in 9 colors and 3 widths.

Safety stripes in red and yellow

Hoses in 2 widths

Four different floors.

Thick walls for Ship hulls

Thin walls with 3 different ends for inner walls

Thick wall portals

Thin wall portals

Premade compact restrooms
1 with just sink and toilet
2 with sink, toilet, and shower head on wall (shower head location on different walls)

3 Premade 1×2 square bunks. single, double, and triple.

2 different cryo chambers


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