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Ink Ground Stamps for Wonderdraft and DungeonDraft

Black and White ink stamps for creating ground textures.


This pack contains 63 stamps for creating different ground textures. A few of them are variations on the same thing. You can see them all in the image examples. There’s waves, good for dunes and sea. There’s swamp grass, lily pads, bushes, tree shadows, grass, dirt, farmland, leaves… just a bunch of ways of adding new textures to your map designs to help take them to the next level when you think that a large swath of texture is looking too samey.

Use as Brushes in Wonderdraft

You can use it in Wonderdraft! They’ll show up as brushes that you can apply to a landmass or water. To install in Wonderdraft, place the unzipped “brushes” folder in your Wonderdraft folder. (On Windows that will be (user)/appdata/roaming/Wonderdraft/brushes/ground stamps by Ti/pngs)

They’re great for adding texture to a large piece of negative space and making a texture look more varied.

Install as Objects in DungeonDraft

You can use it in DungeonDraft! They’re black so they won’t tint. What you see is what you’ll get. They’re good for making more complex shadows and adding texture to break up a repetitive texture fill.

They’ll install as objects. Place the .dungeondraft_pack in your DungeonDrafts assets folder then activate in the Assets manager window in DungeonDraft.

Install as Features in Other World Mapper

You can use it in Other World Mapper! Download the Wonderdraft brushes version since this is just a folder that contains pngs. Place the folder inside of “brushes” (Ground Stamps by Ti) in the “features” folder. Or, install using the in program image manager.

More information

The item has been verified to work with Dungeondraft, Wonderdraft.

Extra information

These are all 1000x1000 pngs.

License information

This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NA-NRB license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

Additional notes

You can use these as part of a map you are selling or for any other profitable idea you have! Don't resell the unaltered assets, they must be part of a composition.


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