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Explore the deadly red desert landscapes with our Monsters&Beasts Tile Pack! This set of 25 modular tiles is perfect for creating city outskirts, nomadic camps, and tribal villages/settlements. Dive into the bloody world of orcs, beasts and monsters!
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Build your maps in minutes using our modular tile packs. With this one you can transport your players into the red deserts! Build large settlements or small campsites, the modular tiles allow you to connect seamlessly, you only need to rotate/mirror and place them.
For extra fun details, you can add assets on top of the finished tile map. To really put the cherry on top, you can also use the map accessories and borderings in the same style!

Here is a map made with the tiles in DungeonDraft:

The pack includes both _pack file for DungeonDraft, and PNG files to be used in any image editor, or packaged into any mapmaking tool.

The map was made in dungeondraft, then just simply exported, no after edits.
For more of my packs (many of which are free) you can visit my shop here.

And as always,

Happy Building!


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Map Theme Asset Pack (CAL-NA-NC-NS)
Map Style Cartoony, Drawn, Fantasy, Top-down, Personal (CAL-NA-NC-NS)
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Verified to Work With Clip Studio Paint, Corel Painter, Dungeondraft, GIMP, Photoshop
Mythkeeper Compatible

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Install guide at the beginning. Overarching DungeonDraft tutorial after!


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