City Blocks


Simple top-down city blocks for city mapping


Simple city blocks for top-down city maos.

These assets are intentionally pretty simple, and do not have shading, as they are intended to be rotated around a lot, and that would destroy any 3d effect. If you want to shade the roof tops, my advice would be to wait until you’ve finished and do it in an external paint program.

I recommend making copious use of the mirror (Alt) and rotate (comma, period or Space + mouse wheel) tools while building your city. All assets (except the market stalls) are sample_color mode.

Summary of assets:
Square – contains square city blocks of various designs, all roughly the same size.
Odd Shapes – what it says: bits to fill in odd corners. I expect to add to this a lot ūüėÄ
Buildings – individual or larger buildings that take up most of a square block
Misc – stuff like jetties, walls, bridges, market stalls
Slope Hatching – a path you can use to show slopes. This is rather limited by the available width of paths, but I’ve found it useful.


  1. DaemosDaen (verified owner)

    Good for the non-planned city look.

  2. Odok (verified owner)

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