Ti’s Up and Down Arrows from 5-200 feet for ...


Up and Down arrows from 5-200 feet in increments of 5.
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One of my players is going to get a jet pack… and now I need to track how far she flies! One of my friends has a climb speed, another one has a wall-climbing spider pet and I have a hireling with wings in one of my campaigns! We travel in so many directions! So I made this simple status marker set that shows in 5 feet increments how far up or down someone has travelled, from 5 to 200 feet. I made it so the arrows point up if someone has gone in an upward direction and down if they have gone in a downward direction, such as dangling off of the side of a building or cliff.

Great for if one of your players has climb or fly speed as part of their build. Now you don’t have to work so hard to remember exactly where someone is when your player says, “I have a 45 foot fly speed.” And you say, “the roof is 35 feet high, do you go all the way?” And they say “nah, I stop at 25 feet.”

Dungeondraft pack comes with black and white and colorable versions. PNG pack comes with black and white only. The DungeonDraft pack doesn’t include any blanks but I did include the blanks as .PNGs for someone who wants to add additional numbers if needed for your setting.

I personally made these expecting to use them as status markers in Roll20 but use them however you want, by dropping on a map to indicate roof height or the depth of a chasm.

The tokens shown in the examples are AI art I generated for encounters and player tokens in my game and are not included in any of my packs.


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The font is Calibri if you want to make additional numbers using the blanks.

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