Old-school Collector Bundle

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3650+ Old-school Assets – Pay for 10 packs, get 80+ packs for free!
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Exciting times ahead as we present the Collector Bundle, a treasure trove with all your favorite Old-school packs and a whopping 3650 assets! 🗺️✨

And here’s the real gem – the Collector Bundle is now available at an astonishing 89% discount for the first 300 mapmakers to grab it! 🎉

  • This exclusive offer is our way of passing the torch, preserving the old-school charm and supporting the legacy of fantasy mapmaking. 🧭
  • Please note: If you come across Old-school assets elsewhere, it’s not us. We can only guarantee support for assets acquired through Readyartz.
  • Also there is a new type of mountain & extra mountain and tree assets in the bundle. 

A heartfelt thank you for the incredible support that fueled the growth of this collection. 🙏 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the Old-school legacy! ⚜️

Note: The collection does not contain any precolored assets! All the assets are sample or custom colorable in Wonderdraft!

With love and respect to the community

Mursit Ozoglu

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