Ti’s Lil Desert Brushes for Clip Studio Pain...


25 Brushes for Desert Landscape Cartography for Clip Studio Paint + 26 desert textures image pack. Suitable only for use in Clip Studio Paint 2’s brush engine.

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Lil Desert for Clip Studio Paint

For those of you who like to draw your brushes manually in Clip Studio Paint like me, here are some brushes I made for Clip Studio Paint. It’s mostly the same content as Ti’s Lil Desert Region for Wonderdraft except that it’s .sut files and .png files. This version also includes a dead tree and a hill brush that are not included in the Wonderdraft version.

This pack includes the following brushes, demonstrated as a click, a stroke, and a back and forth scribble.

Ti's Lil Desert Clip Studio Paint brushes for map making cartography stamps .sut Ti's Lil Desert Clip Studio Paint brushes for map making cartography stamps .sut

Ti's Lil Desert Clip Studio Paint brushes for map making cartography stamps .sut

We have dead tree (single color), desert rocks (multi colorable), desert rocks 2, dunes lineart, cracks and dunes lineart, 4 different cracks brushes, 3 dotty lines, a sand filler, colorable dunes and colorable trees.

You can also get my Clip Studio Paint brushes on my Patreon for Clip Studio Paint content.


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You're welcome to use these to create a map that you resell, no problem, the commercial license is included. If it would be reasonable for you to credit me for creating this pack it would be nice if you do, such as if you make maps for your own patreon, but it's not required.

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