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Creature Tokens Pack 2


Creature Tokens Pack 2

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Hello again!

I’ve decided to make free tokens for every official 5th Edition Creature! + some bonus ones, like Cows, Sheep or Chickens as you can see in this pack 🙂 All CR 0 Creatures are now finished!*
All tokens are in PNG format and DOUBLE my usual resolution (400dpi) just in case you need a bigger version (for example Enlarge spell) you wont lose any detail 🙂
This Free pack contains All CR 0 Creatures in alphabetical order from G to W: ( You can download the A to F here. )
[*]Giant Fire Beetle
[*]Hawk (Flying & Perched)
[*]Myconid Sprout
[*]Owl (Flying & Perched)
[*]Raven (Flying & Perched)
[*]Sea Horse
[*]Tressym (Winged Cat)
[*]Vulture (Flying & Perched)
plus couple unofficial CR0 bonus creatures
[*]Chicken (bonus)
[*]Cow (bonus)
[*]Horseshoe Crab (bonus)
[*]Pig (bonus)
[*]Turtle (bonus)
[*]Sea Turtle (bonus)
plus couple Higher CR creatures
[*]Giant Spider (CR 1)
[*]Giant Vulture (CR 1)
[*]Swarm of Quippers (CR 1)
[*]Giant Sea Horse (CR 1/2)
[*]Blood Hawk (CR 1/8)
[*]Giant Weasel (CR 1/8)
[*]Giant Scorpion (CR 3)
Over 40 unique tokens!


If you would like to get all of our FREE or complete tokens versions at one place, visit our website Forgotten Adventures !



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