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146 More Roads for Wonderdraft

146 paths for Wonderdraft, including railway, modern road, rubble, ruined wall, wall with towers.


Technically, there’s about 47 unique brushes in here: they come in blue/red colored, white/black outlined, and plain white for different effects.

Unlike 88 Paths Expansion for Wonderdraft, which is all texture based brushes, these brushes are “shaped” elements with no significant texture. Paths, roads, and ribbons in this path include ruins, ruined walls with towers, railway, modern roads with ribbon paint, arrows, and more. I’m most excited about the rubble brushes, which will enable you to draw ruins with the path tool. Everything is shown in the example images, in a couple of different Wonderdraft default skins.

These pathways are included as PNG downloads in a zipped folder. All pngs are 1000×100 pixels wide, and can also be used as drag and drop pieces in a virtual tabletop. They must be placed in the correct folder to show up as paths in Wonderdraft.

Installation notes: They can be used as roads in Wonderdraft if you place them in the assets/(name of theme)/textures folder under the name “paths”. The folder included is named “146” so you will have to either place the included PNGs into a “paths” folder or rename it to “paths” and place it in a Wonderdraft textures folder. (I did this so it wouldn’t accidentally overwrite 88 Paths if you have already downloaded it.)

In order to have these paths show up in Wonderdraft you must place the PNGs under “assets/(name of asset pack)/textures/paths”. On a Windows 10 machine you will find this in C/Users/(user)/AppData/Roaming/Wonderdraft/assets/(name of asset pack)/textures/paths. AppData is a hidden folder. You will need to activate hidden folders to access it.

Specific instructions for installing Wonderdraft assets on other operating systems, or if you need further assistance, can be found at this link in the Wonderdraft subreddit.

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NA-NCR license.

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You can use these paths to create maps that you sell. Credit is not required. Do not resell the path as part of another pack; it must be used as part of an original composition of your own design.


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