Top Down Custom Color City Assets


All the assets you will need to build huge high quality top-down city maps on Wonderdraft. 41 assets: 37 custom color and 4 normal color assets.
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4 custom color (CC) building parts, 1 CC castle with 4 CC castle building parts, 7 CC houses, 3 normal color houses, 5 paths*, 2 CC farm plots, 1 CC dock, 4 CC market stalls, 1 CC crate, 1 CC barrel, 2 CC stone wall parts, 1 cave entrance, 3 CC plants, 1 CC tree, 1 CC tree cluster. For a grand total of 41 assets.

*wile they are technically paths, 3 of them are made to be walls. The castle wall path can also be used as a bridge when combined with the stone stairs asset.

This is a ready to create stand alone asset pack. It does not require any additional assets to start creating your cities and town with high levels of detail and customization. Many of these assets can be combined to create unique houses, mansions, castles, bridges and anything else you can come up with. Apply custom colors to your creations and you have a nearly infinite number of possibilities. This makes every map look completely different while technically only using 41 assets. 


You have your continental maps down, now its time to zoom in a little bit.

Unlike some other map making programs, Wonderdraft offers the unique ability to create highly detailed cities, on a huge scale, relatively quickly.

Often when playing table top RPGs, player characters get into a new city and have no idea what to do. They usually end up going to the local pub or inn. This makes every city feel the same and games a little too vanilla. However, if you use these top-down custom color city assets, this will no longer be an issue. Players can see the different points of interest on your map. They will ask questions and begin interacting with your cities with a level of detail not often reached by game masters.

Large city maps also offer inspiration to writers and world builders alike.

Watch the video below for a bit more information about how to use your city map to inspire the best kinds TTRPG encounters and helpful hints about world building.


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How to Install


1. Unzip the file

2. Find your asset folder in Wonderdraft

a. usually located in: User>[your name]>AppData>Roaming>Wonderdraft>assets

b. Or open Wonderdraft go to Menu>Preferences>General>Assets & Theme Dir. Copy file location in your file directory.

3. drag and drop the file in your Wonderdraft assets file

4. Enjoy

If you're having trouble this video might help