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Sci-fi and Modern basics set. Floors, walls, doors, windows, stairs and elevators. Become a Patron!
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Three floor patterns


Custom wall features a pillar at the end. 
Pillars frame the doors.
Occasionally the portal objects appear over the wall end (as seen here on the right side of the door) so I have included a colorable pillar object that you can use to fix the occasional glitch. Place the Pillar on the “Above Walls” layer and use the eye dropper to match the color of your wall.


Multiple door options including double doors (2 adjacent doors) and overhead doors (in 3 segments).

Each door is shown here in and out of the wall so you can see how they are applied.

Don’t forget to use the “Rotate 180” setting to get the doors facing the way you want.

Non-standard size portals

  • 8′ Overhead door
  • 16′ Overhead door
  • 3 Double doors
  • 24″ Door
  • 30″ Door
  • 36″ Door
  • Narrow Window

Elevator Objects and Portal

  • One elevator shaft that can be flipped and set adjacent for an elevator bank.
  • One elevator viewed from above the car.
  • One elevator with the interior visible (colorable floor)
  • One elevator door portal that aligns with the elevator.


Stair objects (colorable)

  • Stairs going down
  • Two segment stairs (upper and lower) going down
  • Two segment turning stairs (upper and lower) going down
  • Four styles of landings for stairs going down
  • Stairs going up
  • Two segment stairs (upper and lower) going up
  • Two segment turning stairs (upper and lower) going up
  • Four styles of landings for stairs going up

Three pre made stairwells.

  • One going up for the bottom floor
  • One going up and down for middle floors
  • One going down for the top floor


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  1. Gimmie Pig

    Amazingly well thought-out and produced! Great stuff.

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