Ti’s 84 Frames for Wonderdraft


Frames expansion for Wonderdraft.
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Decorative Frames for WonderDraft

You want new Wonderdraft frames! I got new Wonderdraft frames! So there’s three packs of frames here. 84 in total, including some that have color variations / background fill versus transparent.

Each pack is shown in the thumbnails on a different slide.

Some are pretty simple, some are pretty complex and some are very experimental and will require nudging around the size slider to make them look ‘right’ because at the default setting they won’t. Some of them will retint, and some are plain black and will not retint. Almost everything that’s included is shown in the slides.

The folders are given Wonderdraft architecture, so just drop any of them into the ‘assets’ folder and you should be good to go, they’re nested appropriately unlike some of my earlier packs which require you to set up the folder structure yourself.

Tons of possibilities for a wide range of map styles.

I do not recommend loading up all of the packs at the same time because it causes Wonderdraft to get pretty slow and I found it would sometimes crash if I did that. But I’ve tested all three of these groupings and it stayed stable and let me play around with them.

More Frames for Wonderdraft?

I’ve created a sequel to this pack: Ti’s Geometric Frames for Wonderdraft

More Cartographic Decor for Wonderdraft?

10 Colorable Compasses for Wonderdraft will pair nicely with this pack!

You might also like to add some cloud themes! Ti’s Fog and Cloud Symbols and Themes for Wonderdraft

Perhaps you would like to add some 146 More Roads for Wonderdraft (Updated 2022!)

Or help create a legend with All Greek to Me 1-9, A-Z and Greek Legend Markers


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