Flower Forest by Syldi


Pretty flowers for pretty maps!


Hello hello! I’m Syldi and I love the Fey. I like Faeries and all those magical and fantastical themes, and I want to share my own custom assets so that you can bring some magic into your worlds as well!

I’ve made some Flowers for your Fae to live, frolic, and play in. You can make them big for giant forests or small for fields! Feel free to delete or add to the files to pick your favorite flowers or use them all!

There are both Colored and Paper versions included so you can make your own magical worlds.

How to Install

Just drag and drop the zip into your assets folder and unpack the file, easy peezy! (C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingWonderdraftassets)

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  1. IDontHaveWater (verified owner)

  2. OrangeBoogaloo (verified owner)

    Great assets for flowery fields and fae environments!

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