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AoA FX – Fire and Electricity


Fire, Lightning, Smoke, Plasma and Electricity assets for Dungeondraft

Creator:  AoA Store

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A small FX pack for Dungeondraft containing:

  • Fire objects, normal and colourable
  • Ember objects (colourable)
  • Lightning objects (colourable) and paths
  • Plasma orbs and blobs (colourable)
  • Smoke objects (colourable)
  • Lights in the shape of many of the above assets, for adding that extra glow to your fires and scenes.

This is free, play around and see what you can do with it. If you make something you are proud of I’d love to see it.

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Please read the below license information.


If you find these of use please do remember to attribute and link to my store page so that others can find and make use of them too.

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  1. kynthalis

    Awesome looking, nice add-on for my tool.

    Great Job!

  2. ZeroGNexus

    You mad scientist you, these look fantastic 😀

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