Arcane Effects Pack (Personal)


This Arcane Effects Pack contains a Whopping 188 paths from 10 categories of effects: fire, lava, cold, air, water, lightning, acid, poison, magic and faerie lights.
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This Arcane Effects Pack contains a Whopping 188 paths from 10 categories of effects: fire, lava, cold, air, water, lightning, acid, poison, magic and faerie lights.

If you would like to sample some of the paths from this pack before purchasing you might consider trying my Free Sample Pack which contains 25 selected arcane effects from the 10 types of effects.
Free Sample Pack for Personal Use:

If you enjoy using this pack and have a commercial project which would benefit from this massive paths pack consider purchasing a commercial version of this pack.
Full Pack for Commercial Use:

Download and Installation Instructions:

1. The download file is a zipped file named, ‘’. Unzip it.
2. It contains 10 Dungeondraft Packs that need to be placed into the assets folder.
3. Move the Dungeondraft Packs into your Dungeondraft Assets folder.
   a) If you don’t know where this is then launch Dungeondraft and click on the ‘Assets’ menu item at the top.
   b) The ‘Custom Assets’ dialog window will appear. Your path is in the input field labelled, ‘Assets Folder:’.
   c) If the path to your assets folder is not listed you will need to create a folder and then click the ‘Browse’ button to select it.
4. The Personal-Use-License-Paid-Download.pdf tells you what you can and can’t do with my paid, personal use assets.


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License Information
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License Notes

Personal Use License - Paid Download

Along with the purchase and download of the asset you agree to follow the below license terms. 

You are free to:

● Use the assets in your own personal creations without attribution.
● Use the assets in map related contests hosted by or the creator of
Dungeondraft and Wonderdraft,better known online as “Megasploot”. However, you must provide attribution in these instances.  

You are not free to:

● Redistribute my assets if you have paid for them.
● Repackage my assets, modified or unmodified, alone or in a package with other content for distribution and download on other websites.
● Use my assets for commercial uses. You can purchase a Commercial Use License either directly from me or from the same place you downloaded this asset.
● Use the asset in pornographic, obscene, immoral, infringing, defamatory, or libelous creations.


● You are not requiredto provide attribution for the use of my assets in your personal creations, though it’s always appreciated. There is one exception to this;
● You must provide attribution only in the event you are competing in the above sanctioned contests listed under the section titled,
​"You are free to". Attribution should take the form:
[Name of Asset] by Josh Chunick(used with permission)

Contact Information:

I can be contacted by email at

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Verified to Work With Dungeondraft
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