AoA FX – Clouds And Water

Various cloud and water based effects for Dungeondraft, by AoA
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This is the second “FX” pack from AoA. Building on the much loved AoA Clouds pack you get not just a greatly expanded variety of clouds, but a myriad of other water based assets too, including:

  • snow and frost patches,
  • puddles,
  • raindrops,
  • rain and snowfall overlay patterns
  • whitecaps/spray paths and objects for water. 

In total there are 152 assets included and all objects are colourable.

With a little creative thinking they can be put to other uses too, for example the snow patches, using a dark grey colour would make nice ash piles and the frost patches could be used as dirt for floors.

To install these assets, download the Dungendraft_pack file and place it in your Dungeondraft assets folder.

This pack is free for non-commercial use. 

A commercial use license can be purchased here.

If you are using these freely for non-commercial purposes, but would still like to support my work then donations can be made over on my Ko-Fi page and each  one will be gratefully received.

This asset was packed with help from EightBitz’s Custom Tags Tool. It’s well worth checking it out if you are making your own custom assets.


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