Trouble installing assets in Wonderdraft?

Where to find Wonderdraft assets folder on Windows, Linux and Mac?

A brief note on installing assets in Wonderdraft’s folder, which can be found at

On Windows: C:UsersuserAppDataRoamingWonderdraft

Or, on Mac, /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Wonderdraft/

Or, on Linux: /home/username/.local/share/Wonderdraft

These folders may be hidden by default on your operating system. Remember to check the option to view hidden folders if you can’t find them.

When installing on Windows, if you use Windows default unzip program it creates a duplicate folder. Remember to move the folder inside of that duplicate folder into the assets folder. If your assets don’t show up, do this.

File Too Long Error

If you get this error and the program crashes on opening:

This means some of the file names are too long for Windows to parse. It has a 256 character limit for the whole string. Let the creator know they need to shorten their file names and reupload. Opening Wonderdraft when a file name is too long can cause Wonderdraft to crash.

You may correct this error by using 7-zip instead of Windows to unzip the folder, and by unzipping onto your desktop or directly into C drive and then moving the folder into the Wonderdraft folder.

Brushes Folder

When installing brushes, place .png files directly in the brushes folder. If the brushes folder does not exist, you can make it. This goes into the Wonderdraft folder, not the assets folder.

Place it at Wonderdraftbrushes and it will give you stamps that you can use over your terrain and water.

Example pack with brushes: Ti’s Ink Ground Texture Stamps for Wonderdraft

Themes Folder

The themes will give you preset elements for the water, ground, color, vignette and font settings in Wonderdraft. Anyone can save their own themes, but people you share themes with will need all the textures set up exactly the same as you to use htem.

When installing themes, remember to place .wonderdraft_theme files directly into the themes folder. Themes go in the Themes folder in the Wonderdraft folder, not the assets folder.

Example pack with themes:

Ti’s Fog and Cloud Symbols, Assets and Themes

Ti’s Solar System Maker for Wonderdraft

Ti’s Battle Stations! for Wonderdraft

Wonderdraft Assets Folder

The Assets folder can contain the following folders:

  • Sprites
  • Textures
  • Fonts
  • Names

Make your own Name Generators:

Name Generators go in the assets folder and should be a comma formatted list formatted like so:


Where %s is the last syllable and after the comma, the first syllable. You can make this in Notepad or Excel or any word processor of your choice.

Sprites Folder

The Sprites folder can contain the following folders:

  • Symbols
  • Mountains
  • Trees

Each folder should contain a subfolder named for what series it is (such as SymbolsSpace Ships.png files). Mountains and trees will select and cycle randomly from the folder contents on each click and Symbols will select one symbol as shown as a stamp.

Example pack of symbols: Ti’s 10 Colorable Compasses for Wonderdraft

Textures Folder

The Textures folder can contain the following folders:

  • Water
  • Ground
  • Boxes
  • Frames
  • Paths

Each folder should contain appropriate .png files for what kind of asset is in it.

Water and Ground should be fully seamless square .pngs. Check out this example of a seamless texture asset from Ti’s Battle Stations! for Wonderdraft

Note that it flows both horizontally and vertically without creating any seam.

Making Paths for Wonderdraft

Paths are a horizontal seamless .png ribbon, seamless on the horizontal edges but do not have to be seamless on the vertical edges.

Example pack:

Ti’s Revenge of the Roads: 88 Pathways, Rail…

Ti’s 146 More Roads for Wonderdraft

Ti’s Water as Paths for Wonderdraft

Making Frames for Wonderdraft

Frames should be a square frame with a hole in the middle, such as shown. Example pack:

Ti’s Geometric Frames for Wonderdraft

Ti’s 84 Frames for Wonderdraft

Packs shown in example folders:

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