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As the cool embrace of autumn descends and the leaves transform into a haunting shade of crimson, the siren call of Halloween echoes through the air. It’s a time when the realms of darkness and fantasy seamlessly merge, creating an otherworldly allure. What better way to celebrate this enigmatic holiday than by immersing yourself in the macabre and the mysterious? Step into a world of demonic and eldritch horrors, ancient curses, and unsettling landscapes with three exceptional asset packs that promise to turn your fantasy maps into chilling works of art. Whether your goal is to craft a realm inspired by a demonic atmosphere or by Lovecraftian terror, venture into the grimdark aesthetics reminiscent of Bloodborne and Elden Ring, or infuse your creations with vintage gore and battle remnants, these packs are the keys to unlocking the hidden horrors lurking within the depths of your imagination.

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Halloween Special: 137 Assets Horror Megapack!

Picture a map originating from the depths of the Italian landscape, but altered and corrupted in the most peculiar of ways. From the eerie contents of this map emerges the Creepy Demonic Vintage Horror Megapack – Halloween Special. This bundle boasts 137 unsettling assets guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Some claim the map’s origins lie beyond human comprehension, a creation of an enigmatic, possibly non-human cartographer. Tentacles writhe, demons leer, and demonic settlements take root in corrupted towns. Rifts beckon, and enigmatic creatures lurk, awaiting your discovery of their cryptic potential.

This obscure domain is not just horrific, it is also demonic, much like the entries in Collin de Plancy‘s ‘Dictionnaire Infernal.’ These assets provide a portal to the unfathomable, a repository of eldritch terrors, and a testament to the beyond. Will you dare to unlock its secrets and confront the horrors that dwell within, or will you recoil before the incomprehensible? In the pursuit of forbidden knowledge, tread with the utmost caution, for the abyss gazes also into you.

This pack includes assets such as tentacles emerging from the ground, horror demons, creepy creatures, organic structures, demonic dungeons, eerie dungeons, demonic forts and castles, organic dungeons, sinister arenas, demonic settlements, lairs, carnivorous plants, and much more. It’s an arsenal of nightmares at your fingertips.


If you have an appreciation for Lovecraft’s mythos, Elden Ring’s haunting landscapes, the macabre universe of Bloodborne, the unrelenting darkness of the Dark Souls series, dark fantasy, grimdark, or pure horror, this asset pack bundle is a must-have!

For those who find inspiration in Lovecraft’s works, the haunting vistas of Elden Ring, the nightmarish realm of Bloodborne, or the unyielding darkness of the Dark Souls series, this bundle is a dream come true. These assets evoke the essence of these iconic narratives and offer a glimpse into dark fantasy, grimdark, and pure horror. They transport you to realms of dread and despair, promising to etch haunting memories onto your maps for eternity.

This comprehensive bundle includes both the Dark Fantasy and Grimdark packs, allowing you to select your preferred path into the abyss. In the grimdark pack, you’ll encounter horrific mountains, twisted dead trees, cursed elder god trees, and cities stained by the darkness within. The eerie ambiance is tangible in assets like the Floating Tentacles Creature and the Cursed Town, providing the perfect backdrop for a Lovecraftian tale.

In the dark fantasy pack, you can immerse yourself in a world of fog, dark mountains, cultist temples, and towering Lovecraftian creatures. The assets provided are the building blocks for crafting your own dark fantasy world, whether you’re exploring grimdark landscapes or weaving narratives of horror, Lovecraftian dread, and Dark Souls-inspired despair.


This pack offers a selection of 86 vintage-style medieval fantasy assets, including blood puddles, guts, damaged flags, skulls, tombs, battle markers, carcasses, sinister isles, and war-torn cursed buildings.

For those who revel in the gory and gruesome, the Ultimate Gore and Battle Remains Vintage Assets Pack is your gateway to a world of darkness and bloodshed. This collection of 86 vintage-style assets equips you with the tools to infuse your maps with an atmosphere of grimness and despair.

Emulating the aesthetics of ancient maps, these assets create an eerie ambiance that immerses your audience in a realm of dark fantasy. From damaged flags to gruesome piles of entrails, from skulls to war-torn cursed citadels, this pack provides everything you need to craft a landscape steeped in desolation and chaos.

These assets resonate with the legends of fallen empires, the blood-soaked fields of historic battles, and the cursed buildings that echo with the cries of the long-dead. It’s a journey through time where the gruesome stories of the past come to life in your maps.

In conclusion, as Halloween approaches, these asset packs stand as your ideal companions to bring a foreboding and ominous atmosphere to your fantasy maps. Each pack offers a unique glimpse into the darkness, with assets that evoke the demonic atmosphere of the Infernal Dictionary and eldritch horrors of Lovecraft, the nightmarish landscapes of games like Bloodborne and Elden Ring, and the eerie aesthetic of vintage gore and battle remains. Whether your aim is to terrify, captivate, or simply revel in the macabre, these packs are the keys to unlocking the horrors of your imagination.

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