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My Journey Crafting Dark Fantasy Asset Packs

** This article may contain some gore elements **

As the cool embrace of autumn descends and the leaves transform into a haunting shade of crimson, the siren call of Halloween echoes through the air. It’s a time when the realms of darkness and fantasy seamlessly merge, creating an otherworldly allure. What better way to celebrate this enigmatic holiday than by immersing yourself in the macabre and the mysterious? Step into a world of demonic and eldritch horrors, ancient curses, and unsettling landscapes with three exceptional asset packs that promise to turn your fantasy maps into chilling works of art. Whether your goal is to craft a realm inspired by a demonic atmosphere or by Lovecraftian terror, venture into the grimdark aesthetics reminiscent of Bloodborne and Elden Ring, or infuse your creations with vintage gore and battle remnants, these packs are the keys to unlocking the hidden horrors lurking within the depths of your imagination.

Take a look on these three horrific assets packs by clicking on each image respectively!


I’m excited to guide you through a personal exploration, unveiling the complexities and inspirations that lie beneath the surface of three of my darkest creations.—a series of asset packs designed to plunge fantasy map enthusiasts into realms steeped in darkness, horror, and grim fantasy. Join me as I share the unique blend of historical influences, fantastical elements, and personal anecdotes that shaped these haunting collections.

As I embarked on this creative endeavor, my goal was to infuse a sense of antiquity into my work, drawing inspiration from the cryptic symbols found on ancient maps. Imagine exploring the dimly lit forest of history and discovering Lovecraftian horrors lurking at every turn. That was the essence I aimed to capture in each asset—a balance between the mysterious symbols of yesteryear and the eerie unknowns of the fantastical.

Inspiration from Lovecraftian, Creepypasta Horrors and dark fantasy video games:

H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horrors and the spine-chilling narratives of creepypasta became my guiding lights, guiding me through the shadows of imagination. Delving into their eerie tales allowed me to inject an atmosphere of dread and the unknown into every asset. Picture wandering through an ancient, forgotten library where forbidden knowledge intertwines with fantastical realms—that’s the essence I strived to evoke.

My love for atmospheric video games, especially titles like Dark Souls, played a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic of these packs. The thick variations in lines, imperfections inspired by vintage maps, and haunting visuals akin to traversing the dark corridors of a virtual world were integral to creating the illusion that these assets hailed from a bygone era.

The Art of Hatching & Solid black techniques :

To capture the shading techniques of historical maps, I delved into the art of hatching with varying line densities. Picture an artist meticulously adding shadows and details, one stroke at a time, to breathe life into an ancient masterpiece. That’s the essence of the hatching technique—a meticulous process that not only added depth to the assets but also paid homage to the fine craftsmanship seen in maps of yesteryear.

Choosing solid black shadows was also a deliberate choice to instill a sense of darkness, foreboding, and strength into the assets. Imagine standing on the precipice of the unknown, with shadows looming, waiting to reveal the mysteries that lie beneath. Solid black shadows became a powerful tool, heightening the eerie ambiance and making the maps not just unsettling but visually commanding.

My inspirations :

During the creation process, I found myself immersed in tales of horror and mystery, occasionally losing track of time as I created fantastical nightmares. Consider the nightmarish visions depicted in Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (c. 1490-1510) or the mysterious cartographic works of Olaus Magnus from the 16th century. In the realm of fiction, the unnerving landscapes of Mervyn Peake’s “Gormenghast” trilogy (1946-1959) stand as a testament to the enduring allure of dark fantasy. These historical and fictional touchstones served as beacons, guiding my creative process.


In crafting these asset packs, my journey was one of immersion into realms of darkness and mystery. The spectral influences of Lovecraftian lore, creepypasta tales, and haunting video game aesthetics fused seamlessly with vintage map techniques, the art of hatching, and the strategic use of solid black shadows. Step into the shadows with me, where every stroke of the pen tells a personal story of darkness, and let your imagination wander through the eerie landscapes crafted with this unique collection.

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