Underdark Bridge Map

Underdark Bridge

I woke up Sunday morning with a hankering to build and share a modular bridge with an overhead arch, and of course the bridge needed a showcase map. This little project proved to be a lot more enjoyable than trimming a hedge and raking up leaves.

The bridge matches my Modular Dungeon assets.

Assets used:

The assets and map below are downloadable for personal use (right-click, save image as…).

Bridge tile: 8×2, 128ppi

Underdark Bridge Asset

Arch overhead tile: 1×2, 128ppi

Underdark Bridge Arch

Underdark Bridge Map: 10×10, 128ppi

Underdark Bridge Map

Sample of arch configured as an overhead tile in Foundry VTT:

Underdark Bridge FVTT Sample

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