Modular Dungeon 1 Foundation (v1.2)


Modular objects can make amazing maps (for Dungeondraft and Roll20)
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This pack is designed to help make battlemaps quickly and consistently, and reduce the toil of mapping dozens of connecting hallways and rooms, while still producing a great looking map that you can furnish with other assets.

This pack is licensed for personal use.

The Modular Dungeon 1 Foundation Pack includes 62 hand-picked and uniquely combined assets from my Architect’s Pack series:

  • 30 hallway objects in 5-15 ft. widths and various configurations
  • 7 rooms in various configurations
  • 9 interior wall objects that can be placed in hallways and rooms
  • 1 single door and 1 double door, including frames
  • 2 pillars that match the door frames
  • 10 stairs – up and down
  • All objects include pre-applied wall shadows
  • All objects have transparent exteriors so they can be placed adjacent to and even overlap each other
  • All objects are provisioned in a Dungeondraft pack file (256px resolution) as well as PNGs for drag/drop into Roll20 tabletop 
  • Readme.txt file for Dungeondraft users explaining how to match assets from my other packs, including scaling and applying shadows (so you can extend your map beyond the modular components) – useful related packs are Architect’s Pack 1, 2, and 4.

Note: the PNG images are lower resolution compared to the images in the Dungeondraft pack file, because they are scaled to fit Roll20’s 70px grid size. 

** Contact me if you're interested in more modular assets like these and let me know what you're looking for! **

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.


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V1.2 - fixed graphics glitch for MD01_Stairs_5x5; removed white outlines from all images; added MD01_Stairs_5x5_Open (an unwalled stair tile)

V1.1 - replaced licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.


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