88 Paths for Wonderdraft

An assortment of pathway styles for use in Wonderdraft. Universally compatible image pack.


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Roads for Wonderdraft or Frames for Other World Mapper

These pathways are included as PNG downloads in a zipped folder.

Installation notes: They can be used as roads in Wonderdraft if you place them in the assets/(name of theme)/textures folder under the name “paths”. The folder included is named “paths” so you can just drop that into a Wonderdraft textures folder.

In order to have these paths show up in Wonderdraft you must place the PNGs under “assets/(name of asset pack)/textures/paths”. On a Windows 10 machine you will find this in C/Users/(user)/AppData/Roaming/Wonderdraft/assets/(name of asset pack)/textures/paths. AppData is a hidden folder. You will need to activate hidden folders to access it.

Specific instructions for installing Wonderdraft assets on other operating systems, or if you need further assistance, can be found at this link in the Wonderdraft subreddit.

They are also appropriate for use in Other World Mapper as frames, and can be added by placing them into the Other World Mapper folder under “Program Files / Other World Mapper / Borders/ Frames”. The Other World Mapper folder will be wherever you installed it: Program Files by default. These cannot be installed with the image manager in OWM and must be manually added to this folder.

A select few are also great just for use on a battle map as a drop in rug or flooring element. They’re all seamless horizontal tiling ribbons so really, there’s a wider range of potential applications for them as png assets in your virtual tabletop games and map design too. You can use them to design a frame for a map manually in a raster program by positioning them along the border with snap to grid active, for example.

Most of the roads are 1000 pixels wider by a varying degree of widths. They range in design. Some of the designs look quite similar at a small road size as their distinguishing features don’t pop out unless you use them at a battlemap or larger regional scale: these may be very minor deviations such as a stroke around the edge in one and not the other. The designs include fancy rug, mosaic tiles, cobblestone, crazy paving style stone, train crossbars, wires, bricks, rough earth, and a slightly more modern road variation. Some would look nice as walls or ruins.

What you see is what you get: no secrets. All roads included are demoed in the attachment images so you can see how they look when dropped straight onto the Terra theme in Wonderdraft with no tampering with any settings.

Note that most of these roads and paths are texture based, with a few exceptions that are different PNG shapes (the railroad, the wires). Some of the themes tend to obliterate the textures. They look good in Terra and Eastward for example, but in Black and White’s default settings the textures just vanish entirely. So if you tend to make your maps in black and white, classic inked styles with very low amounts of color, they won’t fit well. These roads and paths will match well with a colorful and highly textured map style and not well with a crisp inked vector style classic map.

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