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Note: the base personal use pack including assets, and a commercial licence add-on, are both available to add to your cart on this product’s page.  See “Choose a product type” to the right of the pack cover art.

Select assets from Architect’s Pack #6 take a dark turn in this Halloween inspired pack.  What was once beautiful has become twisted and sinister.  The cover art features the central region of an Underdark warren that is home to an aberration that flays minds and is a master of black magic conjurations; nonetheless, the graven family images are endearing.  

The Dungeondraft Eldritch Architecture Pack includes over 420 assets and 2 high-resolution encounter maps!

  • 33 walls – 4 eldritch variations of the 7 wood paneled walls from Architect’s Pack #6, and 5 stone walls from Architect’s Pack #1 (also provided as paths)
  • 75 decorative paths – unique, eldritch variations of the paths provided in Architect’s Pack #6
  • 180 creepy patterns – 60 cherry-picked and enhanced versions in 3 sizes (256px, 512px, 768px, i.e., 1 cell, 2 cells, 3 cells) for mixing and matching
  • 41 stone floor tiles – eldritch variations of 4 versions of stone floors from Architect’s Pack #6
  • 9 wood floor tiles – eldritch variations of wood floor version 2 from Architect’s Pack #6, 7 wood panel colors plus green and indigo
  • All of the patterns and floor tiles are also provided as terrain
  • 24 decorative tile objects
  • 61 pillar objects – 5 versions, 3 style variations, 3 color variations (black, green, indigo), and also colorable
  • “The Unseelie Short Term Renter” map, 10×10, 256ppi, webp (the eldritch variation of the map provided in Architect’s Pack #6)
  • “The Flayer’s Demesne” map, 10×10, 256ppi, webp (this pack’s cover pic at full resolution without title or border)

Please read my Licence AgreementThis pack is licensed for personal use, unless you have also purchased the commercial licence available on this product page.

The Architect’s Pack series includes Architect’s Pack #1Architect’s Pack #2Architect’s Pack #3Architect’s Pack #4, Architect’s Pack #5, Architect’s Pack #6, and the Architect’s Festive Pack.  Packs 1-3 are available in a discounted Builder’s Bundle.  Packs 4-6 are available in a discounted Builder’s Bundle 2.  You may also be interested in my First Year Anniversary Bundle which includes Architect’s Packs 1-5 and many more.

Pack cover art and map showcases assets from this pack and Architect’s Packs #1 and #2.

The “Unseelie Short Term Renter” map features assets from this pack, Architect’s Packs #1 and #2, Rock Terrain Pack 3, Five Thrones Pack, Festive Pack, and additional furnishing assets by White Fox Works.  This map is the eldritch variation of Galen’s dining room. We notice that the wondrous machine is gone, replaced by a cold void within which luminous unworldly tentacles writhe.  Our visit is unsettling, and the three course meal with wine pairing, served by ghostly apparitions, does not bring us comfort – the rich food is like ash in our mouths.  All this can sadly happen over a weekend, if you unwittingly rent your home to an Unseelie.

Visit https://ko-fi.com/epsilon7430 for my free maps and to support my art.

You may also be interested in the Terrain Bundle for Dungeondraft or my First Anniversary Bundle.

Sample Map – The Vase is Opened, featuring assets from this pack and Rock Terrain Pack 1, as well from Forgotten Adventures.

Eldritch Architecture Sample Map


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