Terraced Terrain (v1.1)


All natural terraces
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Note: the base personal use pack including assets, and a commercial licence add-on, are both available to add to your cart on this product’s page.  See “Choose a product type” to the right of the pack cover art.

This pack is a natural spinoff of my Artsy Topo Map Kit.  More realistic than artistic, the assets blend with terrain found in my other packs.  Terraced terrain makes for unique and intriguing landscaping with built-in depth.

The Terraced Terrain Pack for Dungeondraft includes 140 assets, and a high-resolution encounter map:

  • 35 2K seamless terrain textures – 5 versions in 7 variants (dark grey, grey, rust brown, olive green, feywild, vegetated green, and white brown); 2K terrain covers 8 grid cells before repeating.
  • 35 4K seamless terrain textures – versions and variants are the same as 2K textures; 4K terrain covers 16 grid cells before repeating!
  • All terrain are also provided as patterns (patterns are useful for creating precise edges between different types of terrain)
  • “Terraced Temple” map; 10×10, 256ppi, webp; featuring terraced terrain, and assets from Architect’s Pack #2 and #5, and Rock Terrain Pack #3.

The terraced terrain is designed to be blended together and used with other terrain assets.  Smooth blending is recommended. 

Please read my Licence AgreementThis pack is licensed for personal use, unless you have also purchased the commercial licence available on this product page.

The Terrain pack series includes Rock Terrain Pack 1Rock Terrain Pack 2, Rock Terrain Pack 3Water on the Rocks PackWastelands PackColorful Caves PackHorror Terrain PackBloody Bones Terrain PackIce PackDrylands Pack, Enchanted Terrain Pack, and Terraced Terrain.  Seven of these packs are available in a discounted Terrain Bundle.  You may also be interested in the Architect’s Pack Series (Builder’s Bundles #1 and #2), and my First Anniversary Bundle.

Visit https://ko-fi.com/epsilon7430 for my free maps and to support my art.

Sample map 1 – “Terraced Temple” green stone version, 10×10, featuring terraced terrain, and terrain and other assets from Architect’s Pack #2 and #5, as well as Rock Terrain Pack #3.

Terraced Terrain Pack Sample Image 1

Sample map 2 – “Terraced Temple” brown stone version of sample map 1.  You can easily make map variants like this by editing the Dungeondraft Pack file and changing asset names, e.g., TT1_2K_01-G (green) to TT1_2K_01-R (rust brown).

Terraced Terrain Pack Sample Image 2

Sample map 3 – “Badlands Village” region map, a realistic version of the cover map for the Artsy Map Kit, featuring terraced terrain, as well as buildings and flora created by Dungeonquill


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V1.1 - all 35 textures (2K and 4K versions) provided as terrain and patterns!


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