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Ice is special and this is my first terrain pack that features final images that are composites of no less than 7 layers, in order to achieve its translucence.  I’ve also made a special effort to ensure these assets complement and play nicely with winter assets produced by other creators, so we can combine them to make fantastic frigid maps!

The Dungeondraft Ice Pack includes:

  • 10 terrain variations of flat ice
  • 24 terrain variations of rough ice (think: ice caves, treasure locked in the ice, northern seas with floating chunks of ice, etc.)
  • 18 terrain variations of special flat ice – cracks, grooves, scales, scars (because ice can be unusual in a fantasy world)
  • Ice variations include rich blue and pale blue
  • 5 terrain variations of snow
  • All the terrains are also provided as patterns
  • Some of the more suitable patterns have semi-transparent versions – 75% opaque and 60% opaque – so you can place things under the ice (tip: you can also put grunge and shadow objects under the ice to highlight or darken regions).
  • 18 ice and frost paths (opaque and 25% transparent)
  • 105 unique assets in total!
  • “Frozen Tower” encounter map, 10×10, 256ppi webp image (high resolution version of this pack’s promo pic, featuring assets from this pack as well as Architect’s Pack 1 and Pack 2)

Terrain textures are designed to be blended together and best results are achieved with Dungeondraft’s “Smooth Blending” option enabled.

This pack is licensed for personal use.  A commercial use licence is also available in my store.

The Terrain pack series includes Rock Terrain Pack 1Rock Terrain Pack 2, Rock Terrain Pack 3, Water on the Rocks PackWastelands PackColorful Caves PackHorror Terrain PackBloody Bones Terrain PackIce PackDrylands Pack, Enchanted Terrain Pack, and Terraced Terrain.  Seven of these packs are available in a discounted Terrain Bundle.

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V1.2 - replaced licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.

V1.1 - added 16 ice paths and replaced the original frost paths (kept original names for backward compatibility)


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