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AoA Trees Sample


AoA Trees free sample pack.

**Updated to V1.2**

Creator:  AoA Store

Downloads: 2830

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This free sample pack contains 14 assets (out of 90+) from the AoA Trees asset pack.

Included assets are highlighted in the asset images.

Assets are provided in both Sample Color and Custom Colors versions. There is also a sample color “sketch” version of the assets as well.

You can purchase the full pack here.

License information


Non-commercial use.

Plain English description

  • You are allowed to use the assets only in your own maps and/or other larger works of art.
  • You may not use these assets in any works which are for commercial purposes.
  • You must provide attribution when sharing any of your work made with these assets.
  • You may make modifications to these assets only for use in your own work. You may not share these modifications.
  • You may share the complete asset pack but only so long as you do so in its entirety, unmodified, for free and with this license attached.
  • You cannot use these assets to make new assets to sell or otherwise distribute.
  • You take full responsibility for whatever happens when you use the asset pack.

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