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AoA Canyons And Cliffs Sample


Mesa, butte, spire, cliff and waterfall assets.

Creator:  AoA Store

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This is a free sample pack for the AoA Canyons And Cliffs asset pack.

The sample pack contains a selection of mesas and buttes, as well as a selection of the larger cliff assets and waterfalls. This is a small part of the overall asset pack.

The full asset pack can be purchased here.

Most assets are provided in both custom colors and sample color versions.

Whilst these Assets are stored as png files in a folder structure suitable for use in Wonderdraft they would also be perfectly usable in most other graphics software.

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Plain English summary:

  • You are allowed to use the assets only in your own maps and/or other larger works of art.
  • You may not use these assets in any works which are for commercial purposes.
  • You must provide attribution when sharing any of your work made with these assets.
  • You may make modifications to these assets only for use in your own work. You may not share these modifications.
  • You may share the complete asset pack but only so long as you do so in its entirety, unmodified, for free and with this license attached.
  • You cannot use these assets to make new assets to sell or otherwise distribute.
  • You take full responsibility for whatever happens when you use the asset pack.
  • These assets are provided "as is" with no warranty

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