Perspective Half-Timbering

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This is a series of medieval half-timbered walls in a slight perspective, meant to better immerse your players in the world. The idea is these walls would form the perimeter of your building(s). Tuck your favorite rock wall path under them to make the foundation.
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7 half-timbered walls with varying degrees of detailing (i.e. plain wattle & daub to cross-bracing). All wall ends are a wooden post.

15 objects for extra detailing:

  • 5 types of wood studs and posts (colorable)
  • 6 types of cross-braces (colorable)
  • 2 types of windows (1 colorable)
  • 2 doors (colorable)

14 portals to work with the wall system – prefaced with an [HT]:

  • 6 variations of glass window
  • 6 variations of shutters
  • 1 wood door
  • 1 wood double door

1 path of wood support beams (a jetty) to indicate cantilevered floors (bay windows)


  1. Make sure “Bevel Corners” is off to get the best corner post look
  2. Draw counterclockwise if the focus is on the exterior of the building (as for making a town map with multiple buildings)
  3. Draw clockwise as the perimeter walls of your building for a single-building encounter map and use another top-down wall system for your interior walls
  4. Mix & match walls for more variation
  5. Wall default color is white and all portals will match the color.
  6. Snap to the grid if you want the best functionality
  7. If you want crazy, crooked off-grid walls, you can totally do this, but you may just have to use the object versions of the portals and posts to clean up afterward
  8. If you decide to change the color:
  • use the object version of the windows and place overtop of the wall (the portal versions of window sills and wood will not match your wall)
  • if dropping in the objects, color pick match the “plaster” of the wall to get the best match


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"Half-timbered wall assets by Malefic Millwright"

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