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Mountains, volcanoes and hills for Wonderdraft (free sample pack)V1.2
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This is the free sample version of the AoA set of mountains, volcanoes and hills.

You can purchase the full version of the assets here.

Please make sure you read and understand the license information.

This sample pack contains 6 no. of large mountains, small mountains, hills and broken hills. It also includes 1 no. modular volcano top and 2 no. modular volcano lava and smoke assets.

Assets are provided in both custom colors and sample color versions (except volcano smoke and lave, which are normal). Please view the image library to see the contents of the full asset pack (over 400 assets in total) and examples of it in use.

Whilst these Assets are stored as png files in a folder structure suitable for use in Wonderdraft they would also be perfectly usable in most other graphics software.


  1. rrouserr

    These mountains just changed my life. Incredible.

  2. ezekiel0326

    This was the first asset pack I deemed worthy of spending my money on. For a measly $2.00, these assets have given me the freedom to make any mountain I want. I won’t be using any other mountain assets outside of these ones. Great work!

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