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Watabu cities


This zip drive contains a lot of Watabu cities with the background removed so they can be used as assets. Drop into your
Or whatever folder you are using for this purpose. A mix of walled/no walls and color/no color.

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”880″]880[/ATTACH]


  1. ValorsLady (verified owner)

    I love this set. I was looking for a top-down city set exactly like this for my D&D game, and this is absolutely perfect. Absolutely hits the spot. there are closed city lay outs, open city lay outs, cities on lake sides, cities with rivers, (with bridges built in, HOLLA!) I’m just so excited. I’ll be watching this author.

  2. WhiteTiger225 (verified owner)

    Very good resource is all I have to say really. Good for making more battlemap style detailed maps.

  3. Othman7850 (verified owner)

    Thank you, very helpful.

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