Apocalypse Architect 2 – Debris


Tiny debris map object for the modern post-apocalyptic wasteland.
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This will include aluminium case, ammo box, bag, baseball bat,
beanie, bolt cutter, several bottles, roll of camo net, different cans,
collection of debris elements, canteen, stuffed animal, spent casings
(larger and small arms), chemical weapons, cement bag, fire
extinguisher, first aid, geiger counter, glass debris, gold bars, gun
cleaning kit, hedge scissors, jevelry, luggage bags, magazine, military
shovel, gasmask, MRE, cup noodles, paper debris elements, propane tank,
saw, civilian shovel, skulls and bones, survival kit, trauma kit, vodka,
walkie talkie, water container and wine bottle.

Please note: These are really tiny assets and not scaled to DungeonDrafts
default assets, but for use in larger scale modern battle maps. For use
with Apocalypse Architect core pack.

NEW: Download update 1.2


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Version 1 - Release version

Version 1.2 - Updated and added assets, new mixed trash asset and more.


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