Apocalypse Architect 1 – Core Set


Core set for mapping the modern post-apocalyptic wasteland in DungeonDraft.
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This will include objects roads, cars, road sign, rocks, stones, pebbles, water ripple, vegetation, multiple trees and dedicated shadow elements.

Dressing objects such as bullet holes, blood splatter, craters, burn marks, campfires, grunge etc.

Terrain patterns for nordic and european forest floors, dirt, stones and gravel.

Dynamically repeatable paths for various road elements, painted road elements, road ditch, vehicle tracks, farm fields, rocks, cracks, beaches, grass, growth and shadow paths.

Please note: These are really tiny assets and not scaled to DungeonDrafts default assets, but for use in larger scale modern battle maps. For use with the Apocalypse Architect series.

Example image also includes debris and obstacles from pack 2 and 3.


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