Apocalypse Architect 3 – Obstacles


Obstacle paths and objects for the modern post-apocalyptic wasteland.
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This will include different barrels, bear trap, bridge element, chain link fences, concrete obstacle, dragon’s teeth, hescos, rod elements, mines, sandbags, trenches and dedicated shadow elements to many of the objects.

It also includes dynamic paths for barbed wire, chainlinked fences, regular fences, walls and trenches.

Please note: These are really tiny assets and not scaled to DungeonDrafts default assets, but for use in larger scale modern battle maps. For use with Apocalypse Architect core pack.

NEW: Download version 1.2


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Version 1 - Release version

Version 1.1 adds weathered road cones as well as rusty and clean fallen barrel versions.

Version 1.2 - Updated and added assets, more defined lines around obstacles, new alternative version for trenches with rocks and more.


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