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128 seamless aged rust and parchment textures. Universally compatible, organized for use as water and land in Wonderdraft.
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Seamless Textures for Cartography

This purchase includes some .zip files full of JPGs which are not for use in Wonderdraft. To use in Wonderdraft, download the Text file which contains a link to a big .zip full of PNGs with the Wonderdraft file folder structure. It was too big to include directly in CartographyAssets, sorry. 🙂 It is the last file in the list of downloads.

This texture package includes 16 textures in multiple colorways, for a total of 128 seamless textures and 16 not seamless original photos.
Original Rust (not seamless)
Original Rust (seamless)
Pale Blue (seamless)
Pale Paper (seamless)
Parchment (seamless)
Vivid (seamless)
Yellow (seamless)
Black and White (seamless)
Sandwich… an assortment of different colors. (seamless)

Install the seamless textures in Other World Mapper by placing them in
(Program Files / Other World Mapper / Textures / TextureSet). The folder inside of ‘textures’ can be named anything you’d like and can contain jpgs, pngs, etc.

Get them in 4512×3000 jpg for use in all programs for cartography, and also download them as lower res pngs sorted into Wonderdraft folders (this is because Wonderdraft doesn’t allow scaling of textures). All included textures are shown in the example photos, except for the unedited non-seamless variants included for your modification desires. So you can see exactly what you will get. 🙂

When working in a program like Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, etc, these textures can be used as pattern fills. Set layer modes to overlay, hard light, screen, multiply, etc, to combine textures for a unique look. Use adjustment layers to change the color and saturation to your taste! Most of my maps involve at least 5-6 different textures like the ones I’ve placed in this pack. Stay tuned for future texture packs. I have made hundreds over the time I’ve spent as a cartographer, and I just have to pack them up and upload them for you to use


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License Type CAL-NA-NCR
Posted by original creator Yes
License Notes

You may use these textures in a commercial cartography project, in a print or digital module for sale, or other artwork that you sell. Commercial use of art made with these assets is permitted, as is non-commercial use, once purchased. Do not sell the assets on their own.

Map Information
Assets used in Map

Map Size

JPG textures are 4512x3000 pixels.

Wonderdraft PNGs at 2256x150 rectangle and 1050x1050 square so you can pair textures for a harmonious map look.

Map Theme
Map Style
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Software Information
Verified to Work With Wonderdraft
Mythkeeper Compatible

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