28 Houses Map Asset Pack


Asset Pack for wonderdraft or vtts; 28 different houses
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This asset pack contains 28 different houses for designing fantasy maps. The houses are similar in style to ensure a consistent look. 

The assets come in two versions, one as the original non-colored PNG files with transparent background for use in various image editors or VTTs and there is a RGB-Version for each house to support custom_colors in Wonderdraft. Both types are packed together to simply use them in Wonderdraft. Additionally you will receive the uncolored version in a seperate folder, so you don’t have to drag them from your sprites folder, if you want to use them outside of wonderdraft.

(To use the assets in Wonderdraft, unzip sykevh_simple_houses and copy the folder and all subfolders into the assets directory of Wonderdraft. You can find it by clicking on “open user folder” from the wonderdraft menu).

 The houses were created with the support of AI (Midjourney) and refined and colored by hand. 


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