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A Dungeondraft asset pack with… 255 new object assets, perfect for mines, quarries, and excavation sites. 2 new paths, including a wooden ore chute and wooden shoring to hold up fragile mine shafts. Tons of new rubble and rock assets with colorable ores, as well as colorable ore veins to integrate into existing cave walls. New mining tools, including an expanded selection of lanterns, picks, shovels, crowbars, and hammers in different positions… including dynamite! Vertical mine-shafts and stopes (excavated ore caverns), including the pulleys and mine carts needed to traverse them.
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To research this one, I spent way too much time looking at abandoned mine exploration videos on YouTube. I tried to copy with as much detail as possible historic mining gear, which led to a massive array of new tools, wooden shoring, mining shafts, and carts. Some minecarts now unload sideways, while others are perfect for placing into vertical shafts. Ore crushers, gold-sifting sluices, and horse-powered winches and headframes flesh out the equipment in this pack. And as a refreshing change from the ubiquitous wall torches, we have a bunch of new, simple wall lanterns as well! Oh, and don’t forget storage… broken barrels, empty and ore-filled wooden storage bins, and even dry-goods packages and mining helmets help sell the feeling of being in a real mine.

This one took a while to research and draw, but it should fit perfectly in with existing assets and really open up the diversity of caves and mines in your maps. It bulks out the existing “mine” category significantly! You can find most of the new assets there. I hope to return with a natural cave asset pack soon, for even more diversity.

Hope you enjoy!


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