Slithering Temple (Personal Use)


The snake-people are hungry! A Dungeondraft asset pack with… • 270 new object assets, including sacrificial altars, serpentine statues, ossuary pits, ancient weapons, and mysterious flasks. They belong in a museum!• Everything you need for constructing jungle ziggurats, including extra-wide doors, angled entryways, and three different sloped ziggurat walls.• Moss! You have no idea how useful small tufts of moss are for creating that “overgrown” look.• 6 New Walls: Sloped ziggurat walls adorned with strange runes, serpentine motifs, and more… all colorable (try to keep it subtle!) • 11  New Doors: Bronze temple doors, angled temple entry portals, and more.• 18 New Paths: Adorn your new maps with troughs stained with bood, decorative Mayan-inspired patterns, or the body of a...
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This one took a while to put together, but I’ve been using it in my personal maps for a few months and it’s been invaluable for dungeon-delving. Bloody altars and sacrificial pools are a staple of almost every fantasy adventure, so I built an entire pack around the theme of ziggurats, Mesoamerican temple architecture, and setting-agnostic Snake People™.

Honestly, I’m mostly here for the moss. I didn’t realize it while making the pack, but little tufts of moss are honestly the most-used objects I ever put in an asset pack. I always like putting in at least one universal thing amongst all the niche stuff, like custom Snake People™ statues, iron manacles and bars for prisoner cells, and bits of lab equipment for poisoners workshops. Heck, I even dropped in some bath niches for the Snake People to bathe in. It’s colorable, so it’s up to you if its water or blood! Oh, and you can’t have sacrificial altars without ossuaries filled with bones! And don’t forget to drop a bloody heart or guts on the floor when default bloodstains don’t sufficiently convey the grisly mood.

One thing I could never really get perfect are the walls. The way they colorize just doesn’t look great unless you go REALLY subtle. Still, they’re great to have in your mapmaking toolbox, so I kept them in! Especially since sloped walls really aren’t a thing in most map packs… I can kinda see why now. They’re really difficult to make in a modular way!

Hope you all enjoy! This one is definitely more niche than most of my packs, but I think you can get some great use out of it. Especially the moss. Seriously, I love that moss.


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