Bustling Bazaar (Personal Use)


Help your players get lost in the grand bazaar! Over 250 new Dungeondraft assets, including display shelves, hookahs, carpets, clothing, pottery… and boxes and sacks filled with goods, grains, and foods.
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  • 254 new object assets, including display shelves, hookahs, carpets, clothing, pottery, signs, coffee and tea setups, and more!
  • New wooden display shelving to array in front of your stores, along with plentiful colorable sacks and crates filled with goods. Don’t forget to decorate with pricing signage and scoops!
  • More Carpets. 24 brand-new carpets, from long runners to tiny throw-rugs, all colorable and with different patterns and designs. Oh, and they roll up too!
  • Say Cheese. 15 new cheese assets, from small slices to big wheels. Drain your party’s gold reserves with an array of irresistible fromage.
  • Get Dressed Up. Decorate your tailor shop with racks of clothes and bolts of colorable cloth… or litter your other maps bedrooms with robes, skirts, turbans, and more!

This asset pack really helps flesh out any urban environment, not just a bazaar. Sure, the hookahs, flowing robes, and hot drink sets based on Turkish coffee really set a specific sense of place… to say nothing of the Doner Kebab broiler… but the new filled-up crates and sacks really can be used almost anywhere. Same with the carpets, clothing, and shelves! I really enjoyed researching this set… especially to get create some realistic but dungeon-drafty carpet designs and colorful lamps. I also used the “research” as an excuse to imbibe a frankly embarrassing amount of Turkish coffee… but the results are great. You get lovely hammered-copper coffee urns and cups, along with a hot sand tray for keeping the drinks warm! The hookah as well come in a modular set, so you can mix-and-match components and colors, drop wafts of smoke over the charcoal, and really get some variety out of the assets.

As always, I hope you and your players enjoy! 


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